Thanks!!!  I guess I got lucky to post this in terms of timing.  I mean it is about that time when peploe want to be as far away as possible from the oven heat, isn't it?  (and which I'm good at all around the year  )How I wish to be a great baker like you!  Your macaroons are out of the world!And I love your presentation for each of your creations!!!

Hi Rick, In Dan Shure's post I saw a mention of your blog on SEOmoz & I lndead on your blog. It is really interesting & inspiring the way you are collecting all your precious moments with Noah. Thanks for such a beautiful sharing with all of us. From now onwards I will love to follow Noah, as He is growing in & his lovely family.I found this as the best inspiration of the day for me. Hats off to both of you. Abbie & Rick keep it up!!!
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